Netent vs Yggdrasil: The better brand

Who is the better brand, Netent or Yggdrasil? If you will like to see our comparison, continue reading.

Online gambling is a huge industry and a lot of players are switching from playing at brick and mortar casinos to online casinos. With that, the popularity of the industry continues to grow. If you will like to learn more about online gambling and how it all started, simply go on ahead to check

The Story of Online Gambling

Gambling was mostly about going to bookies or visiting casinos before you can place bets on games. However, that changed after the introduction of online gambling as well as online casinos. If you go on to check out , you will get to see more information about online casinos and how they work.

At first, online gambling only consisted of a few online casino game development brands. But, after a few years when the industry began to gain massive popularity, a lot of companies began to show interest in the brand and the community soon became saturated. Below is a list of some of the pioneer developers:

  • IGT
  • Microgaming
  • Netent

Netent: Complete Overview

Netent was among the different brands that were around at the beginning of the online gambling industry. From the time the company was established, they have been able to develop a large collection of casino games as well as a massive reputation. Now, Netent has become a top choice for most online casinos.

The impressive thing about the Netent brand is that the casino game collection consists of a lot of exciting games and it cut across all kinds of genres. With that, you will not need to look too far to find the game you want to play. In addition to that, the games are currently available at many casinos.

Yggdrasil: The Overview

When the online gambling industry became accepted by players and the popularity increased, many companies joined the industry. One of the numerous online casino game development companies that came on-board is Yggdrasil Gaming, which was released in 2012. Since then, the company has continued to grow its reputation and build a huge portfolio of games.

More on Yggdrasil

For less than 10 years, the casino game developer has become a huge part of the online gambling industry because of its unique approach to online gambling. The company is popularly known for its high definition games as well as graphics and animation. See below some of the brand's top casino game titles:

  • Holmes and the Stolen Stones
  • Gem Rocks
  • Double Dragons


The Comparison

The two brands are known to be top among online casino game development companies. This is because both brands are focused on developing top-notch casino games that players can enjoy. Both Yggdrasil and Netent have a huge collection of casino games that are available at a lot of online casinos. However, Netent is the bigger brand.

Our Final Verdict

From our findings, we conclude that Netent is the bigger brand because it is quite easy for players to play casino games from the brand. In addition to that, Netent has a wider range of online casino games that you can choose to play. All in all, if you want to pick a brand, Netent is the right choice.

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